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Rapid SEO Tool is a search engine optimization (SEO) software that makes it easier to rank web pages higher in search results. To get started with the The Rapid SEO ToolRapid SEO Tool 2 Standard, you need not be an SEO expert or professional. In fact, even if you have not dabbled with SEO before, you can still work with this SEO tool enterprise. The software application would enhance your website's SEO by looking at its code and putting forward necessary suggestions.

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Intro to SEO

Before we learn more about Rapid SEO in this review, let's understand what search engine optimization (SEO) is. SEO is essentially a collective term that refers to all the practices and techniques incorporated to increase and improve the quantity and quality of search engine or organic traffic to a website. There are many ways to improve SEO of a site – writing quality content is one of them. By the way, SEO and paid advertising aren't the same. This means you need not pay any money to search engines to get your site featured.

Intro to Rapid SEO Tool

Presented by Blumentals, Rapid SEO Tool 2 Enterprise is a complete side-by-side, full-scale SEO application that compares your SEO efforts with your competitors. It then offers suggestions on how to outperform your competitors. Unlike most other SEO tools, Rapid SEO Tool 2 Professional is more about comparing and benchmarking and less about keyword-stuffing. You may use Rapid SEO Tool as an isolated tool or to complement your existing SEO strategies. Other SEO software tools usually entail lengthy setup times. Rapid SEO Tool, on the other hand, is much quicker both with its setup and usage. It's portable, which means you can use it on a range of devices and operating systems. By the way, there are different versions of the tool: v1.31 (1.31), 1.4, and 1.5.

Learning Keyword Research

Before you use Rapid SEO, you should know what keywords are and what role they play in the ranking of a web page. If you're not sure what keywords to work on, there are many techniques to zero in on relevant keywords. The exact keyword could be included in your page content or you may resort to its variations. The keyword could also be a single word or phrase. For best results with Rapid SEO, it's recommended you steer clear of long or too broad keywords.

• Broad Match

A broad match is a keyword combination that the search engine uses extensively to present results. For instance, if you look up the phrase ‘cricket bat', several million pages may show up in the search result since the search engine may have accounted ‘cricket' and ‘bat' individually.

• Phrase Match

When using this method, the search results match the phrase exactly. Taking the previous example, if you type the phrase ‘cricket bat' with quotation marks, the results would be more specific and narrowed down, as a result.

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• Exact Match

Exact match is similar to ‘broad match' in terms of implementation. In this scenario, you would receive results that contain the exact keywords as they are.

• Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords technique is where things get interesting. In this case, you could truly drill down and be more specific. For instance, you could refine the search results for ‘cricket bat' by adding a word or two to the mix, such as ‘Puma cricket bat' or ‘Spartan cricket bat'. You may drill down further by being even more specific with the keywords such as ‘Adidas Incurza cricket bat' and ‘Spartan CG Authority cricket bat'.

It's recommended to be as specific as possible with the keywords. The more generic your keywords are, the lower would be the quality of your traffic. For example, if you would like to pull in people interested in ‘used digital cameras', use the exact same key phrase or something relevant. In case you target the words ‘digital camera', your traffic quantity might increase but not all the people coming in would be interested in a second-hand camera. Quite a few could have clicked your link expecting to buy or learn more about a new digital camera.

Minor Gripe

With Rapid SEO, you can add as many as four keywords or key phrases. What does this mean? You could get as specific as you want with your keyword focus and improve your chances of your site featuring in the top few pages of search engines. This may sound great for someone who has been playing with SEO for long. But for the amateur, this keyword overload could be a bit overwhelming. If the huge list of information could have been summarized and made a bit crisper, newbie SEO enthusiasts would have felt a bit more at home.

Buying Rapid SEO

There's a lot of effort and thought invested into the Rapid SEO Tool, which is why it's not offered for free. However, there is a free trial version to avail, which Reviewing Rapid SEO Toolyou could use to learn more about the tool and find out whether it would fit your scheme of things. The trial version runs for 30 days, after which you would have to remit a one-time fee of $69.96 to continue using the tool for a lifetime. In case you don't like the tool and realize the same within 30 days of use, you could cut short your trial and take your ball and go home.

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