SEO PowerSuite Video Tutorial | A User Guide on How To Use Tool

The following video tutorials will help you get started with SEO PowerSuite if you have been wondering how to use this amazing all-in-one SEO tool.

This User Guide will make using SEO PowerSuite smooth, seamless and easy. It covers every major feature of the Software tool.

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Keyword Research

(1) How to Setup Your First Tracker Project:

See the important keywords your site is already ranking for.


(2) How to Find New Keywords:


(3) How to Manage Your Keyword Groups:


(4) How to Choose the Best Keywords for SEO and PPC:

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(5) How to Check Keyword Difficulty:


(6) Building A Keyword Map:


(7) Getting An Estimate of ‘Not Provided' Keyword Traffic with Rank Tracker Connected to Your Google Analytics:


Rank Tracking

(1) Track Rankings of Competitors:


(2) Track Your Site's Presence in news, places, images, video listings etc:


(3) Choose Which Pages Should Rank for Each of Your Target Keywords. You will be notified if the wrong page is showing in the searches:


(4) Check Your Site's Ranking as People See it From Different Parts of the World:


(5) Setting Safety Feature for Rank Tracker:


On-Page Optimization

(1) Creating and Running a Quick On-Page Audit:


(2) Run Deep Page Analysis for Entire Site:


(3) Creating Your Site's XML Sitemaps (inside Website Auditor):


(4) Robot.txt File Creation and Management:


(5) Quality Optimized Content Created from Top 10 Competition Research:

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Backlink Research

(1) Find All Backlinks Pointing to Your  Website with SEO SpyGlass:


(2) Backlink Quality Analysis:


(3) Remove Low-Quality Backlinks From Your Website to Prevent Harm:


(4) See Backlinks from Google Analytics:


(5) Compare Backlinks:

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Building Links and Management

(1) LinkAssistant Project Creation:


(2) Get New Link Building Opportunities with LinkAssistant:


(3) Using LinkAssistant for An Effective Link-Building Campaign:


(4) Verify and Keep Track of Your Backlinks to Make Sure They Are Still in Place:


Other Useful SEO Features

  • Set Your SEO Tasks to run on autopilot:

The Videos above cover all the features included in SEO PowerSuite (Free, Professional, and Enterprise).

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