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Are you having sleepless nights in front of your computer trying to figure out how to become the next internet sensation? Have you worked with algorithm White Aggressive SEObased software but still battling to extend your internet presence? If yes, then you've come to the right place.

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Search engine optimization was a fuzzy concept during the pioneering age of internet marketing. It lent itself to much mysticism, and as a result, many failed to capitalize on its benefits. However so, today SEO is just as synonymous to aggressive white hat SEO as grapefruit is to oranges: One in the same thing!

Cashing In Early

When you're in the web business you can't afford to perform below your best. Of course, the stakes are high and it's not unusual to panic, but the dividends surely make running an online business worth it. Working with white hat SEO services is certainly the future and you need to cash in before everyone else does. So for now just unhinge your brain, put it in a box somewhere safe and forget about everything you've ever learned.

White Hat SEO Services vs Black Hat SEO

In pursuit of higher search engine rankings, you must know where to draw the line. Whilst some techniques may translate to immediate, short term results, they often lead to penalisation, de-indexing or even outright banning. So the difference between the two lies in the means used to generate or improve search engine hits. Unlike white hat SEO that targets a real, human audience, black hat SEO doesn't.

So what is meant by ‘targeting a human audience' you may ask?

Well, basically when you type in a search query on Google you enter keywords based on what you're looking for exactly. Rather than generating content with that ‘human' perspective in mind, black hat SEO techniques generate content based on possibilities. One such example is keyword stuffing. A black hat SEO campaign just throws in random -sometimes unrelated- words together and just prays something happens. White hat SEO tools are legit if you will. Examples of black hat SEO that easily spring to mind are:

* Spam mail.

* Link farming.

* Content automation that has no inherent value.

* Use of gateway pages whereby users are lured to a website unrelated to their search even though they typed in the right keywords.

* Site hacking. Unauthorized placement of backlinks on other people's websites without them knowing.

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Being Relevant, Consistent and Legitimate

It isn't hard to imagine why such vexatious SEO methods are frowned upon. They not only infringe upon other people's turf -much to the detriment of viable competitors- but they are highly unethical.

Consider white hat link building strategies for a moment. Rather than stuffing content with often unrelated keywords, they produce quality content that consists of well-researched keywords. So abstain from keyword generators no matter the temptation for instant gratification! Above all, remember to:

1. Have a strategy

Don't just mix and match your content. If it's a blog, make sure it's blog material. If it's a news release, make sure it's newsworthy. The key is to have your target audience in mind. And when it comes to white hat backlinks you want meta tags that are reflective of your content.

2. Carry out keyword research and analysis.

3. Effective SEO backlinking

Feeding off other people's traffic might not be your idea of going legit, but if it's based on agreement, there's no reason why you shouldn't. After all, you can host their backlinks too.

4. Engage the browser

A good quality website is one that isn't just informative and relevant. In a lot of ways, you need different forms of engagement to boost interest. Have blogs as well as features that enable video and picture sharing. Introduce the podcast feature. Play around with infographics. Society has become obsessed with social media; so unless you're doing something anchored on that, you're not maximizing on the abundant potential to increase your market influence.

SEO Link Building Strategies: Aggressive White Hat SEO

You won't go far without breaking a sweat, period! The internet is a competitive place, so you need to be aggressive. Creating effective backlinks is the strategy of all SEO strategies. But how? A good way to start is by uploading your content wherever and however. For instance,

> Place content in article directories.
> Convert content to various formats for the purpose of sharing it on document sharing sites.
> Target podcast directories and submit audio excerpts.
> Create videos and submit them to sites like YouTube.

Doing this increases your IP diversity and places you in a good position to receive site visitors from all over the web.

For those who like their competition served tough, it doesn't get any harder Aggressive White Hat SEOthan search engine optimization. And when it comes to that, you don't have one but two options at your disposal. Either go big or go home. Perhaps it's just not your strong suit. In which case hiring a white hat SEO company to do the hard work is a good idea. It will then handle all SEO backlinks and other strategies a regular white hat agency would.

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