SEO Company Singapore – About the SEO Reseller Program

Considering the millions of online businesses all seeking visibility with the various search engines you will quickly discover that search engine optimization is big business and that any shrewd businessperson here in Singapore would relish a chance to invest in. However, SEO also entails plenty of pre-operational processes and coming up with the personnel and infrastructure to run it is a money-intensive affair. Fortunately, you can still have a share of this lucrative venture by becoming a SEO reseller. There are several successful SEO Company Singapore outfits which you can become affiliated to and start raking in some real good returns.

For you who don’t know who a SEO reseller is, here is the lowdown. This is whereby a SEO service provider makes its services available to other firms who can then resell the same. Normally these resellers are companies which are involved in the internet industry such as online consultants, web hosting firms, web content writers/copywriters, marketing firms, web design companies and so forth. In this regard you provide your preexisting clientele with SEO services from the SEO company Singapore that you are affiliated to. It is you who deals with the customer and determines the price and subsequently earns a commission from the SEO provider. In other words, you are making use of the resources and manpower of another SEO firm to deliver SEO services to your clients.

The need for a reseller to work with a reputable SEO company Singapore can never be overemphasized as it is the reseller’s reputation that is at stake here. You have the task of assessing the SEO provider’s potential in getting the work done as you will not in any way train or manage its personnel. A sufficiently developed SEO firm has comprehensive billing, sales and 24X7 technical support structure, high turnaround times (30 minutes) for all enquiries, excellent communication infrastructure i.e. instant messaging, mobile and landlines, live chat, basecamp and video conferencing, a SEO facility for keyword research, search patterns, and visitor, competition and industry analysis, plus not forgetting a large but specialized workforce. These are the capacities that you should thus identify in any SEO firms that you wish to partner as a reseller.

Most reputable SEO firms offering reseller opportunities are free to join i.e. do not charge setup fees and they are also registered with bodies such as the STPI, DGFT and DIC. An ISO 9001:2000 certification is a great plus. Go for a SEO company Singapore that has a high customer retention rate, with an average of two years per client being the acceptable number. The firm should also let you offer the SEO services under your own label.

In conclusion, SEO reseller plans enable you to keep your overheads low and to keep your customers happy courtesy of the SEO success of already established SEO firms.